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Distance learning Writing Topics:
    * Week 1- Something I am afraid of
     (This is a 1 paragraph piece)

    * Week 2- Autobiography
     (5 paragraph piece)

    * week 3- Famous or historical Event
        https://mrnussbaum.com (look under history or people)
    * Week 4- My Research Writing
https://mrnussbaum.com (pick a topic)
    * Week 5-Using the Randomizer
           Go to the web page and select "Writing-Distance
           Learning". Select one randomizer to use as you complete
           a fictionalized story.

    * Week 6- Bees and Beehives
Week 7- Wild Fires
    * Week 8- Sewing Machine or choose a
       topic of your choice to research and
       write about.

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