Rutland, South Dakota
Current town:
Rutland, South Dakota
   2013 graduate of Rutland High School - Rutland, South Dakota
   2018 graduate of Dakota State University - Bachelors of Science degree in Biology Education
Major: Biology Education
Minor: K-12 Educational Technology; Center of Excellence
Endorsements: Varsity Basketball Coaching, Chemistry

Google Classroom Codes:
Earth Science (6th grade/1st period): jjpmbhl
Earth & Space Science (11th grade/2nd period): nvru7vw
Physical Science (8th grade/3rd period): jrvmnnr
Earth & Space Science (10th grade/5th period): z34bhlw
Biology (9th grade/6th period): sd4d5wl
Life Science (7th grade/7th period): 4hwi7np

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