• Successful completion of the Rutland Senior Endeavor is a requirement for graduation from
Rutland High School.
  • Students will also earn one credit for successful completion of the Senior Endeavor.
  • To be "successful" a project should demonstrate effort, learning, and mastery of skills.

The entire project will be worth 200 points in the grade book. 
These points are earned at two points throughout the project. 

Semester 1 Grading -
First Due Date: January 11, 2018 (End of first semester)(2017-18 School Year Deadline)
First Due Date: December 21, 2018 (End of first semester)(2018-19 School Year Deadline)
Senior Endeavor Obligations 25 points
Senior Endeavor Online Portfolio 25 points
Senior Endeavor Product 50 points
Total 100 points
Senior Endeavor Obligations Grading Criteria
Senior Endeavor Online Portfolio Grading Criteria

Senior Endeavor Product Grading Criteria

Senior Project Self Evaluation
Semester 2 Grading:
Final Due Date: March 29, 2018 (Following Project Fair & Presentations)(2017-18)
Final Due Date: March 29, 2019 (2018-19 School Year Deadline)
Teacher Score #1 25 points
Teacher Score #2 25 points
Teacher Score #3 25 points
Panel of Judges 25 points
Total  100 points

Faculty Advisors/Steering Committee. Mr. Brian Brosnahan, Mrs. Holmberg, and Mrs. Trower. Each will have their own grade sheets. Each will be looking for different things. They will be looking at things that they find to be most important. They each have a different area of focus. This is good for you; the more variety the better. They will not discuss the grades they are giving before their grades have been submitted. (i.e. they are not pointing out things they think you missed to each other. Each develop their own opinion of your project.) 

Mrs. Trower's Grading Evaluation Sheet

Panel of judges. At the end of your project you are required to present your project to a panel of judges. In the past, these have been “local” business people, employees and former employees of local universities, and other community members. A copy of the judges’ rubric will be available to you on the Rutland Senior Endeavor Wiki. Their scores are averaged and this score becomes 20% of your grade. 
After four years of high school, the expectation is that you will have all of the skills you will need to complete a successful presentation.
Judges Presentation Grading Sheet

What do the numbers mean on the rubric?
5 Exceeds Expectations
4 Meets Expectations
3 Approaching Expectations
2 Beginning to Meet Expectations
1 Does NOT Meet expectations
0 Not Present
Judging Senior Project Rubric

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