Suggestions for a successful project:
  • Choose a project area: Youth Internship, Entrepreneurship Experience, Senior Experience, or Service Learning
  • Answer the Statement of Intent and Committee Proposal questions directly and specific to your project topic (This step may require some research and planning to fully answer the questions). The more specific a Statement of Intent and Committee Proposal the better prepared you will be to present your ideas to the Steering Committee for project approval.
  • Make sure to use correct spelling and grammar on your Weebly web page.
  • Create a Twitter account - hash tag for your project journal. Twitter link above has project criteria.
  • Take pictures and video (with you in them) add to your Weebly web page/Twitter - to document your project progress).
  • Create a contract between the parties that will be funding this project –financial plan/budget (have both parties sign and attach a copy of this agreement to your website).
  • Find and contact a possible mentor (include this information on your Statement of Intent). Follow Mentor link for criteria.
  • Research topic for senior paper and be thinking of this as you work on your project as your research needs to be related and show connections between project and research.
  • Pictures and/or video of your project (before and after, during the process).
  • Documentation of time spent must be included using Twitter account of notes-each time you do project related work "document the process". Make the entry very specific when Tweeting.
  • Have a reliable backup system in place - Dropbox, iCloud - "Save and save often!"
  • Timeline of project – create a timeline that outlines what you will be accomplishing throughout the period of 6-9 months.
  • Update your Weebly web page as to show project progress (6-9 months of project progress).
  • Projects are encouraged to be diverse, show mastery and growth. There is not a "one fits all" checklist for projects.
  • Mistakes from the past: Procrastination is the number one thing that students would change about their experience. Start early and show continued progress!
  • Be aware that the project steering committee is made up of Mr. Brian Brosnahan, Mrs. Sara Holmberg, Mrs. Kathleen Trower who will collaborate on any items brought to them for approval. Please allow time for this team to meet and discuss student requests.
  • If project progress is not made on a monthly basis, a student may be notified that they will need to be at school during the Senior Project study hall.

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