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"Youth Internships allow students the opportunity to consolidate and apply the learning from their high school coursework into a meaningful and relevant on-the-job experience. An Internship is an opportunity for a student to spend time with one or more employees at a business, non-profit organization or government agency. The objective is to observe and gain hands-on experience in how business and industry work. The Internship experience is selected based on the student’s chosen career cluster/pathway." - SD DOE Website
  • Youth Internship Requirements:
    • Letter of application
    • Resume listing work experience
    • Reference Letter from supervisor
    • Career path plan/goal setting- including at least 2 post-secondary school options, types of jobs available (actual job postings)
    • Completed log of hours worked and tasks completed during those hours, signed by supervisor
    • Completed FAFSA
    • Complete a minimum of 4 hours a week at the internship, minimum of 20 hours a month, over a continuous 6 month period

Internships help students:
• Gain hands-on experience at a local business to build upon skills learned in the classroom.
• Establish a clear connection between education and work.
• Develop an understanding of the workplace under the guidance of an adult mentor.
• Explore and research a variety of careers.
• Develop workplace responsibility and learn about workplace realities.
• Establish professional contacts for future employment.
• Establish positive work habits and attitudes.
• Learn technical skills that will be valuable for future jobs.
• Understand what education opportunities are available that will lead to a career in their chosen career pathway.
Internships help teachers:
• Keep curriculum up-to-date through communication with employers.
• Make education more relevant and valuable for students.
• Access the latest tools and equipment.
• Acquire information on actual proficiencies required by employers/occupations.
• Interact with the business community to secure resources (e.g. knowledge, equipment, software, etc.) to enhance learning.
Internships help employers:
• Gain access to an expanded pool of qualified applicants.
• Invest early to get “hard-to-find” people “trained-your-way”.
• Reduce employee training costs.
• Establish closer working relationships with local schools and educators.
• Communicate to students how important it is to learn well: how to read, write, speak, listen, calculate and think when it comes to workplace success.
• Generate positive publicity and public relations for their company.
• Help students make better informed educational and career choices.
• Influence curricula taught in schools.
• Develop new projects with student assistance.
• Communicate required job-specific proficiencies to educational personnel.

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