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In 2010, Rutland implemented a capstone project as a graduation requirement. The goal of the Rutland Senior Endeavor is to better prepare students for life after high school. Each graduating student will complete a Senior Endeavor Project; details of this project’s requirements and credit are noted in the Rutland School Handbook. 
The purpose of the project is to allow students to demonstrate the knowledge and maturity they have gained during the course of their education. It must be a “learning stretch,” meaning that it must go beyond what one already knows or has experienced. 
In order to keep pace with the high expectations of today’s graduates our project expectations will be geared to meet each student’s interests.
Projects are all highly individualized and should not be compared to one another.

Your student may wish to begin his/her project over the summer; they will need permission from you and the faculty committee before they start work on their project.

Rutland High School utilizes 4 types of projects that a student can choose from:
Entrepreneurship Experience
Youth Internship
Senior Experience
Service Learning


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