Themes in literature

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Figuring out the many themes in a story may not be easy. But it

can be fun if you think like a detective. To discover the themes

in a story ask yourself what did the characters in the story

learn. What did the reader (you) learn or have to think about

while reading?

"theme is the reason" for the story.  It is what the book is trying

to get the reader to think about; "the message".

Maybe the story has a character being brave in some way. 

How was this shown in the story.  When you think about theme

also think about what clues in the story helped you to figure out

what the theme was.

When figuring out the theme, think about the elements in the

story. How do the elements of the story support the theme?

Characters:  think about their traits--- brave, nice, sassy,

                     stubborn, shy, fearful, spoiled...




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as I read, Fly Away Home, by Eve bunting, think about the themes in this story.

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