Set AR Incentives
(6th-12th grades) 


Goal Incentive Details
Read three (3) books in a series Two (2) “Get out of Homework/Assignment Free” passes.
(May be used in any class and for any assignment with teacher approval. You will not receive credit; the assignment will be EXEMPT in the grade book.)
Must pass AR tests with an 85% or higher.
Read two (2) books by the same author -the books may not be a part of a series- and write a comparative/contrasting reflection paper. You pick out a book and we'll buy it for you! 
(It's yours. You keep it!)
Must pass AR test with an 85% or higher.
Times New Roman
12 pt
Double Spaced
¾-1 full page
Read ONE MILLION words.
$10 iTunes giftcard Report to Mrs. Holmberg upon completion.
6th, 7th, & 8th grade: Read six (6) books
9th & 10th grade: Read eight (8) books
11th &12th grade: Read ten (10) books
$5 Rambler Stop Gift Card Must pass AR tests with an 85% or higher.
Read four (4) books in six (6) weeks Free admission to a game (@ Rutland) and $5 at the concession stand.  Must pass AR tests with an 85% or higher.
Report to Mrs. Holmberg upon completion.

You may receive each incentive only once during the 2015-2016 school year. 

If you complete all 5 goals your name will be put in for a drawing for a special prize to be awarded at the end of the school year. 

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