Wiki Wrt 9 -Fable



Fables fall under the broader classification of Folktales. All folktales were stories that were told verbally to the listener.  There were few books a long time ago, and so people memorized stories and told them over and over again to their family and friends. One type of story that they told was the fable.

Fables are short stories about animals, often personified, who either learn a lesson, or who teach a lesson.  Fables have endings that state a moral. In other words, fables are short stories that have talking animals that learn a lesson.
Common lesson or themes that are taught in fables:
  • Bigger or stronger is not always better than weaker or smaller
  • Looks are skin deep – vanity is not a plus
  • Patience is a virtue or patience is not always the best (stories always vary)
  • Some situations are worse than others or be happy with what you have – it could be worse
  • Common sense is better than cunning
  • Some jobs are not worth having
  • It is easier to make the rules than to follow them
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • What is appears to be – may be deceiving
  • Watch out for flatterers (two-faced) (good site)


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