Tip of my tongue - help me find the word
Pick my writing

Organize my notes

Write and say more

, When?, Where?, What?

3 types of writing:

Narrative,   Informative,   Opinion

1.Classroom.google.com 2.email me 3.email me
Friendly letter
4. create 10 simple sentences 5.create 10 complex sentence
6. Explore 3 types of writing
7.CC journal
Personal narrative using
hamburger bun
What’s the Point
10.write narrative
11.Compare 2 myths-What’s the Point 12.Myths-write
transitional words
13.Veteran’s Day
Examine Symbaloo sites
14.Diary of a Worm - read story, create diary. (1 wk)
15. journal
Personal journal
journal-descriptive narrative  journal-descriptive narrative journal
personal or descriptive narrative
19.Explore informative writing 20. informative writing-What’s the Point-Gorilla
21.CC Journal
Informational writing
22.Review types of sentences
simple, compound, complex
What’s the Point
Riding bike/taking bus (persuasive writing)
24. Students write an opinion piece in CC journal 25.CC journal-opinion piece
26. What’s the Point-persuasive piece-Grand Old Flag-CC Journal 27.CC journal-opinion piece 28.Student’s Choice in CC Journal: personal narrative, opinion piece or informative piece
29.What’s the Point? Informative-Hurricane Katrina 30.Catch up
31. Good Beginnings 32. CC Journal
Student’s choice
33. CC Journal
Student’s choice
34. CC Journal
Student’s choice
35. CC Journal
Student’s choice
36. Social Studies
Summary of materials-booklet
(writing-2nd semester)
37.Introduction of myths
*overhead lesson
Character sketch, pg. 28A
38. What’s the Point-myths 39. Students will create a myth or change the ending of a current myth  
Social Studies: Students will read and summarize passages read. (second semester)


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