Wonderful ways to take care of your iPad:

Wonderful ways to take care of your iPad:

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1. Carry your iPad with care.

2. Lay your iPad flat at your desk. You don't want it to fall to the floor.

3. No eating or drinking near your iPad.

4. You may be sharing your iPad with someone else, so don't mess with their work. It is private. Remember to treat people and things with respect. It's fun.

5. Don't delete other programs from the iPad.

6. Banging, slapping, hitting, or dropping the iPad will hurt it.

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7. Sometimes you will find inappropriate or embarrassing pictures on the iPad.  If this happens, don't show others, except your teacher.  Quit looking at the picture. Some people post inappropriate pictures and material. Leave that site and don't go back.

8. When getting off your iPad, swipe off all open or used programs, and turn down the sound.

9. When returning iPads, make sure they are all facing in the appropriate position and plugged in.


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