Farkle rules
A fun game that involves thinking :)


Materials needed:   6 dice and cup, pencil and paper
How to play
  1. Everyone rolls.  The smallest number rolled, goes first.
  2. Move in clockwise direction.
  3. To begin, you must roll a 1 or a 5, if not; the play goes to the next person.
  4. A player rolls a 1 or a 5, he adds up his points and then may roll again. The player must either roll a one or a five each time to continue.  He/she can stop at any time, but if he/she continues to play and player doesn’t roll a 1 or a five then player loses all points and says “Farkle”.
  5. If player gets to continue and uses up all six dice, that player can continue to play until he/she choose to stop or is “farkled out”.
  6. If a player rolls both a 1 and a 5, he/she may elect to pick up the 5 (or 5’s) and reroll that with the remaining dice on the table.
For every ____ you roll you get this many points:
5        50 points each
1        100 points each
Roll 3 of same dice you get:
If roll 3                             1’s  get 300
If roll 3                             2’s  get 200
If roll 3                             3’s  get 300
If roll 3                             4’s  get 400
If roll 3                             5’s  get  500
If roll 3                             6’s  get 600
Four of any number you get 1,000
Five of any number you get  2,000
Six of any number you get 3,000
Straight ( you get 1,500
3 pairs is       1,500
4 of any identical number and a pair         you get 1,500
2 triplets (ex: 2,2,3,3,5,5) and                                     you get 2,500

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