Typing - Use your "Home Row Keys"

Learning to type will save you lots of time.

Why Keyboarding is Important

Lessons and games:  

FreeTypingGame.net  (see lessons)
Dance Mat Typing
Typing Chef
ABCya! Keyboard Challenge
Desert Typing Racer
Balloon Game
Keyboard Revolution
Martian City Defender
Nimble fingers
FreeTyping Lessons
Keyboard Climber
Peter’s Online Typing
Froggies Typing game
Trees Typing Game
The Typing Playground

The Frogs are Off Their Diet
Keyboard Triathlon
Typing at The Speed of Thought
Typing Adventures
Keyboarding Games
Trick or Type
Typing Adventure
Keyboarding Skill at e-learning
Learn To Type

Text Type 2
Typing Band





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