Positive Behavior Incentive & Support

PBIS Videos from Mrs. Holmberg

behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is comprised of a broad range of systemic school-wide, group, and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior with all students. PBIS is not a specific “model” but a compilation of effective practices, interventions, and systems change strategies that have been proven to be empirically effective and efficient. PBIS has relevant applications to educating all children and youth in schools or other community settings.
PBIS is a data driven systems approach developed to assist schools and community settings achieve socially important behavior change. Systems are put in place to support staff while they teach and encourage positive, healthy behaviors. PBIS is the integration of four elements:
- Operationally defined and valued outcomes, Behavioral and biomedical science, Research-validated practices, and Systems change to both enhance the broad quality with which all students are living/learning and reduce problem behaviors.
When schools or community settings implement PBIS the result is documentation of more desirable child or youth behaviors and safer learning environment where students are able to achieve increased learning.


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