Snow Day

Snow Day! Yes, we have homework.
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Everyone loves snow days!
Sure I want you to enjoy your day off, but remember 4th grade scholars are an "All the time class." We want to be learning all the time.
This is what you can spend your time doing:
You can take the initiative and get the following done while not in school:
1A. Try this first -‚Äč  Then select the assignment "Dust of Snow". It is a poem.  To get in:  TG6U4A  pw: 1234
1. Make up 4 math problems. EX: Four kids worked together shoveling snow. At the end of the day they made 209.00. How much money will they each receive if they split the money fairly? Now solve the problem. Show your work two different ways. *Bring your work to school.
2. Complete a one page written report. E-mail the copy to me. Make up the topic yourself. My e-mail:
3. Read from your chapter books. Read 20 pages. Get yourself settled and have fun. (Today is your deadline!!!!)
4. Read for 20 minutes or more. Read to a sibling. Add to your AR totals and become a better reader. 
5. Go to one of the math sites, spelling sites or other sites on our links page.
6. Get 6 dice and play the game Farkle. Happy Adding!
7. Work on your spelling, or your flash cards. Make flash cards. Bring them to class for a treat.
8. Now that you have worked hard at home, you should be proud of your accomplishmentssmiley

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