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Social Studies
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Group Participation/Participation Points

Participation points are given in class to encourage behaviors that fosters responsibility, respectful group discussion and interaction. Students will follow "various guidelines" to help promote these qualities. 
It is hoped that our general class discussions encourage incites beyond the literal. Students learn by expressing their ideas, by listening to the ideas of others around them,and the interplay of new ideas generated from such discussions.

Daily Work:
  • In general, students will have plenty of time to complete their work in class. But if not, the work will become homework; due the next day.
  • Class work may include "Socratic" discussions, journaling, activity sheets, small group projects and various "reads".
  • Points will be awarded based on the following observations:
    • demonstrating knowledge of topic
    • participating in "Socratic" discussions
    • communicating ideas clearly (includes journaling/writing topics)
    • completing certain daily task (assignment book, typing, clean-up, kindness, etc...)
    • participates - "taking it all in" doesn't work.

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