There are three things that really make a difference - knowing how to read and understand what you are reading and knowing your math facts (multiplication/division). Reading is important, because you have to understand what is being asked of you when solving problems. The third most important thing is that you have to be willing to work hard. It is ok to struggle. "Struggling" means you are learning - Try it! ONE MORE TIME.....The best way to insure you will have a successful year in math is to KNOW your math facts.

Games Students Can Play:

Farkle              Buzz, Multiples in Action!  And Divisibility Rules             Mix of Games

5th grade
Topic 9-1     Fractions represent parts of something     
Topic 9-2     examining fractions on a number line
topic 9-3      adding fractions with unlike denominators
Topic 9-4     subtracting fractions with unlike denominators(easiest method)
                    adding fractions with unlike denominators
Topic 10-2   Modeling addition and subtraction of mixed numbers (Not the best example)
Topic 11-4    multiplying fractions and using pictures to understand this
                    multiplying fractions with Math Antics

4th grade
Topic 10-1    Division as repeated subtraction
Topic  10-3    Long division

Topic 1- Meanings of Multiplication
Topic 2- Repeating Patterns
Topic 3- Place Value
Topic 4- Sums and differences
Topic 5- Multiplying by breaking apart
Topic 6 - Multiplying one digit numbers by two digit numbers
Topic 7- Multiplying by two digit numbers
Topic 8 - More multiplying by two digit numbers
Topic 9 - dividing by one-digit divisors
Topic 10- continued
Topic 11- Fraction equivalence and ordering
Topic 11 - Adding and subtracting fractions
Topic 12 - adding and subtracting fractions - mixed numbers with like denominators
Topic 13 - fraction concepts
Topic 14 - Measurement Units and Conversions
Topic 15 - Solving Measurement and Data Problems
Topic 16 - Lines, angles, and shapes

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