Language Arts

The Nuts and bolts of Grammar
The goal is to apply these skills while writing:

"I Can..." Common Core Standards for Language Arts 

"I can ... Common Core Standards for writing writing too

     1. Writing Rubric  2. AR Book Review Rubric

Semester 1
Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
Imperative and Exclamatory Sentences
Subjects and Predicates
Compound Sentences
Complex Sentences - encouraged for stronger writing
Common and Proper nouns
Regular Plural Nouns
Irregular Plural Nouns
Singular Possessive Nouns
Plural Possessive Nouns
Semester 2
Action and Linking VerbsMain and Helping Verbs
Subject-Verb agreement
Past, present and future tenses
Irregular Verbs
Singular and Plural Pronouns
Subject and Object Pronouns
Contractions and Negatives
Adjectives and articles
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Others as Needed

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