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What you do as a reader in your head.   

Each unit will be accompanied with the teaching of skills. Students will be encouraged to apply these skills when reading. But more importantly, students will be encouraged to think about, and wonder about what they are reading. They will be asked to collaborate with other students about what they are thinking and what they have gleaned from the work of various authors.

folktales fables tall tales fairytales Myths Trickster-tales
pourquoi themes making generalizations playing with

* We will read about 1/3 of these titles. We also read chapter books and novels.

Unit 1
Lewis and Clark and Me 
(spelling words only)

Reader's Theater -a-Plays

Reader's Theater -b- Plays
Grace and the Time Machine (play)
Unit 3


The Great Kapok Tree

poetry    and     poetry types
Unit 4
Work on Greek Roots and Latin Roots-accompanied reading

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