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date 11/16/2017 author Logan De Rungs category Elementary Guidance comment Leave a comment

During the months of September and October the elementary students have been exploring Responsibility. Each class has discussed their responsibilities at home, school and in their communities. They have participated in activities aimed to teach them "job" responsibilities with their main job being a successful student. If you would like to see what any specific classroom is working on please visit the elementary guidance page

(Responsibili-Tree activity)


date 04/22/2015 author Sara Holmberg category Elementary Guidance comment Leave a comment

Today in the 5th grade we talked about the power of just 1 person. After watching a read along story for ONE by Katheryn Otoshi the class discussed the power they have to influence others. I asked the students to think of people who have influenced or changed the world by themselves and wrote their names on the board.  They came up with some great examples: Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah, Jackie Robinson, many Presidents, and some were so sweet to write down Mrs. Holmberg. 

Next, I gave the student's large number 1 cutouts. I asked each student to write their name inside the one and ways they can influence others. They came up with some great ways to impact others in their community, school and families. 

I'm Gonna Like Me

date 04/10/2015 author Sara Holmberg category Elementary Guidance comment Leave a comment

This week the students explored the idea of self-esteem. I came across the book "I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem" by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. In the story the two character's discuss the importance of liking yourself when you do things well and when you make mistakes; loving your strengths and accepting your weaknesses.

As I read the book I noticed each character was wearing a cape with their own unique style. So after reading the book I asked students to draw pictures of their "super powers" (things they are good at) on each of their capes. It was a fun and creative way to translate the lesson's message to an elementary audience. Not to mention they loved posing as super heroes!!

The full lesson is available at:

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